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When it comes to picking up and recycling your waste oil from commercial kitchen fryers or expired food grade cooking oil, Grease Management Solutions will make certain that you are in full compliance with all regulations set by the city of Topanga and the county of Los Angeles. Our team will provide you with the necessary storage container, maintain superb collection service and most of all, give you all the required documentation to in accordance with all city regulations.

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How To Dispose Used Cooking Oil From Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens?

Waste cooking oil from restaurants or other commercial kitchen in no circumstances should be discarded in the sink to prevent any unwanted grease contamination or fines by the waste water district. Instead, it should be placed in a grease container and collected by a licensed IKG (inedible kitchen grease) hauler to ensure that the waste oil is being properly discarded. Let us help you with recyling food grease waste by calling 888-696-9906 today.

Waste Cooking Oil Pick Up For Commercial Kitchens

If you are in the Topanga area, you may already be aware of the waste oil collection service and disposal program mandated by the city. As a business owner or manager, you want to be certain that you are working with a company that is licensed to properly haul away the used cooking oil from your establishment. Failure to do so can lead to citations, fines and setbacks to your restaurant's daily operations.

Why Do I Need Collection Service?

Due to major sewer sanitary overflows, city inspectors are cracking down on restaurants and other food servicing establishments to ensure that waste fryer oil or other greases are being hauled and removed properly by a IKG certified company. In order for them to deter these events from happening, they made it mandatory for food servicing establishemnts to specialized company that pick up waste cooking grease. As a proof, they are requiring all food servicing establishments have the proper documentation known as manifest report to ensure that you are complying with the used cooking oil disposal regulations. Failing to provide or show proof provided by the licensed hauler can lead to a citation or a fine. Therefore, when hiring a grease collection company, be sure that they are in full compliant and have all the licensing necessary to collect waste cooking grease.

Used Cooking Oil Storage Containers

Every restaurant have different necessity when it comes to storage containers for their waste cooking grease. As part of our service, we will provide the proper container that suits your needs and fulfills the requirements set by the city. From a large outdoor lockable 200 gallon grease receptacle to a small 40 gallon indoor storage underneath the sink, we will have the perfect grease container that is right for you.

What is A Manifest Report?

During every grease collection service, the servicing technicians will record the amount of waste cooking oil collected from your restaurants on a manifest form. This manifest report also known as form 124, is the report that the city inspectors will ask for as proof that a licensed and approved inedible kitchen grease hauler is picking up and properly disposing your grease waste.

How Grease Collection Service Work?

We offer a scheduled or on demand used cooking oil collection service throughout the city of Topanga, California. Depending on the requirement of our customers, we can tailor a collection services on their needs: weekly, bi monthly, monthly, etc.. Although, please note that in order for us to maintain providing our customers with a complimentary used cooking oil collection service, it is imperative that we are collecting no less than 40 gallons. Companies requiring grease pick up of 40 gallons or less will be charge a minimum of $45 per service.

Types Of Oil We Collect

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Peanut Oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Lard
  • Animal Fat
  • and many others that are commonly used in restaurant

As a highly reputable grease collection company servicing the city of Topanga, our team of licensed grease collectors are fully dedicated to serve you. We offer flexible collection service and will provide you with all necessary manifest reports required by the city inspectors.

Topanga, Restaurant Fryer Oil Collection

Restaurant businesses utilize a great deal of cooking oils in the exercises for their fries. On the off chance that these are not discarded appropriately it can make a wreck and even block up the drains. Recycling utilized cooking oil is an awesome option bas it causes less strain on the pipes frameworks, while the reused materials can be reused and even produce some income at times when used cooking oil prices are soaring.

Restaurant Grease RECYCLING Service

Restaurants are now doing their part when it comes to recycling waste cooking grease to make it a better tomorrow. By choosing Grease Management Solutions and our partners, we are pleased to lets you know that all waste cooking grease are refined and recycled into new re usable energy. The large portion of what is reused is refined into different sorts of biofuels utilized for filling cars, soap, lotions, feed, and much more. A percentage of the advantages of reusing include:

1. Used cooking oil can be refined into various sorts of biofuels utilized for heating, generating power, warming, and transportation.

2. The most noteworthy advantage of this procedure is that biofuels that are got from recycling cooking oil normally burn clean, and have a low carbon content. That is they don't deliver carbon monoxide. This helps companies or organizations to lessen the carbon content in the environment.

3. The reusing of cooking oil likewise gives a type of income to restaurants, which are in some cases remunerated by cooking oil recyclers for their utilized deep fryer oil.

4. Cooking oil reusing likewise brings about less utilized oil being discarded as a part of channels, which can stop up sewage lines because of the development of fats which are being gathered there.

5. Cooking oil recycling also prompts the making of job or employment opportunities.

Used Cooking Oil Spillage

When your deep fryer cooking grease is becoming no longer usable and you are in need to change it, be sure that are always handling it with caution. When changing your cooking oil from your fryer make certain that the grease is not hot to prevent any injury. Once you have permitted the used cooking oil to cool, simply transfer it into the provided container carefully preventing any spillage that can pose a danger for other people to slip on and fall. If any spillage occurs be sure to clean it up properly with absorbent to sponge in the spilled grease. For major spillage be sure not to use water to wash it down without the use of a water recovery system. In case of a major spill please feel free to contact our clean up specialist at 888-696-9906 for immediate assistance.

Used Cooking Oil Collection Company Local in Topanga

Deep frying delivers a lot of waste oil, which must be discarded legitimately. Waste oil can flood sewage pipes, bind to the walls of sewage pipes and grease trap or interceptors, and meddle with sewage treatment. Waste oil from deep frying is progressively being recycled and refined into biodiesel, appropriate fryer grease collection service is available for commercial restaurants or other food servicing industry for free or a very low price. On account of this, cooking oil ought to never be dumped in the kitchen sink or in the can bowl rather call our professionals to assist you when it comes to grease disposal. In Topanga, restaurants are required to hire a licensed grease collection company to collect and recycle used cooking grease.

Sell Used Cooking Oil and Expired Oil

If you are looking to get money for your waste cooking oil or expired food grade oil we will pay for BULK amount of over 1,500 gallons of waste oil picked up. Pricing will vary based on the quality of the product, to get more information please call our office at 888-696-9906.

Other Services Provided

Grease Interceptor Service

Grease interceptors are typically located outside the restaurant premises. It is a large plumbing device that is supposed to eliminate the oils and grease from contaminating the city's sanitary systems. If left untreated these the lines can become blocked. The grease interceptors should be cleaned using a hydro jet every 6 to 12 months. Call Us today for a cleaning quote at 888-696-9906.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are often found inside the kitchen around the sinks. These devices decrease the amount of solids and grease entering the city sewer lines. Not maintaining the grease trap can result in sinks not draining and the device to overflow. Grease traps should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks and can typically be scheduled by your Topangaapproved IKG waste haulers..

Hydro Jet Plumbing

Over time grease build up can cause drains slow down or become clogged. A hydro jet is designed to fully blast away grease build up residing on the wall of pipes that a typical snake or rooter cannot do. Releasing up to 3,500 pounds of water pressure, jetting nearly restores pipes back to its original condition.

Grease Spills & Clean Up

When a grease trap or interceptor has a major overflow, it is important to make sure that the contamination does not enter the city storm drains. The spillage must be properly cleaned using the proper absorbents, high pressure washer, and a water recovery system. Contact us at 888-696-99006 for immediate grease spill clean up service.

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Licensed by the county, city and state, our servicers are in full compliant with all regulations set by the CDFA.  We will provide you with all necessary forms and documentation required by the health or waste water inspector in regards to grease waste disposal.  

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Non Commercial Used Cooking Oil Disposal

As of now, we do not pick up used cooking oil from residence. Grease disposal into a landfill can prompt long term environmental damage. Besides, utilized oil is frequently improperly discarded down kitchen channels, which can prompt blocked up pipes, sewer blockage, and groundwater pollution. Please contact the city of Topanga to find out the closest disposal site for waste cooking grease.

To transport and dispose waste cooking, oil permit the oil to chill off and empty it into plastic stockpiling holders in the wake of cooking. You can store the holders or containers in the cooler to permit the oil to cement and avoid spills amid transportation to the reusing drop-off point.

Changing Waste Cooking Oil From The Fryer

Spilled hot cooking oil can likewise bring about serious severe burns. In the most-dire outcome imaginable, serious fire can be deadly. The higher temperatures and propensity of oil to adhere to the skin make spilled hot cooking oil significantly more unsafe than spilled heated water. Always use caution when changing your fryer and when transferring into the grease containers provided.

ECO Friendly Fryer Oil Collection

As a your servicer, we ensure you that all used cooking oil wasted collected from your restaurants are properly disposed and recycled into renewable energy. Oils collected from your establishments are turned into various products such as: BioDiesel, Soap, Feed, Etc.. Together, we are doing our part!

Other Services Provided

Grease Management Solutions specializes on catering to FSE’s throughout Southern California. Our mission is to be the leading service providers for establishments that have commercial kitchens and are in need of plumbing, appliance repair, and grease removal services such as:
  • Grease – Used Cooking Oil Collection
  • Grease Spill Removal With Water Recovery
  • Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation
  • Grease Interceptor Cleaning and Installation
  • Commerical Kitchen Plumbing Service
  • Hood & Exhaust Cleaning
  • Kitchen Equipment Repair
  • Pit & Ejector Pump Repair

Let Grease Management Solutions be your one stop shop for your entire commercial kitchen servicing needs. Call us today 888-696-9906 for immediate assistance.

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