Restaurant Hood & Exhaust Maintenance

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Don`t be scared if your kitchen equipment, walls or even the floor becomes contaminated with a greasy build up. This is common as time passes by. The most efficient cleaning service should leave all those areas super clean. They must also have with them the latest steam cleaning equipment and the most effective cleaning solutions that can completely clean your hoods and exhaust. Once you get the opportunity to utilize the services of a qualified Restaurant hood cleaning you will love the difference that will make in your kitchen or restaurant sparkling clean.

Having a clean commercial kitchen is not only sanitary; it also keeps your employees and customers out of danger. Commercial hoods and exhausts that are not maintained can be very dangerous causing major fire that can be life threatening. Therefore, it is important that these appliances are always kept clean free from any heavy build up of grease.

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  • Consider the state of hood filters

You may have ignored maintaining or replacing the hood filters in your kitchen exhaust hood. May be due to the extra cost that comes with it. But replacing the hood filters is so crucial because they are designed to remove the grease laden vapors from the air before it is too late when thy have already contaminated the exhaust hood ducts. If by any chance you have to avoid grease fire in your restaurant then you have to maintain your filters.

  • Clean the hood filters on daily basis

To ensure that they have a proper filtering capacity, they have to be kept free from grease and dangers of fires. All you have to do is running your hood filters through a dish washer in case it is of a high temperature. The only precaution you ought to take is avoiding using a dish washer if the filters are either galvanized or aluminum` for they will corrode and turn the color due to the chemicals used in commercial dish washers.  Furthermore, normal cleaning products are not designed for commercial restaurant hoods therefore using them can be ineffective and time consuming.

  • Install roof top grease containment

This is meant to prevent grease from damaging your roof and even prevent fire disasters. Alternatively you can use exhaust fans since they are designed to remove grease vapors from the kitchen. But they are not so effective the grease will leak onto the roof. The acidic nature of food grease worsens the condition of the roof. You can install roof top grease containment on your exhaust fans for it will hold excess grease from the system and even drain the rain water. Ensure that your rooftop grease containment system will have the hydrophobic pads. These are designed in such a way they can shed water and still hold onto the grease.

  • Hinge Exhaust fan

Hinging the fan helps to increase the life span of the fan. Since fans are made of very soft aluminum they are prone to damage during repair and cleaning process. But hinging eliminates the need to remove the fun. For complete access to your to your system, the fan can be tilted.

Commercial Hood Exhaust Cleaning Service

It is mandatory that hoods and exhaust are kept clean free of thick sludge grease build up.  The fact that exhaust grease build up at restaurants are one of the leading cause of commercial kitchen fires, it is very important to ensure that they are maintained frequently.  City health inspectors and the fire department are very strict when it comes to this issue and can or will close down the business if this device does not pass their requirement. 

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