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Whether you are in need of a scheduled cleaning maintenance for your grease trap or interceptor or an immediate grease pumping service in San Fernando Valley, California; we are ready to help you. Grease Management Solutions provides restaurants and other food servicing establishments with a quality pumping service of their Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids separator, otherwise known as a grease trap / interceptor. We make certain that your device is fully pumped, removing unwanted grease and solid content keeping your establishment in compliance and preventing any obstruction that can lead to line blockage or overflow.

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Preventative Mantenace

How Often Should I Pump Out My Grease Trap or Interceptor?

There are many factors that have to be considered in order to determined how often these devices are to be cleaned such as: size of the device, the kind of food establishment, the amount of food being served and how well the kitchen being maintained. Since these devices come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 to 5,000 gallons for an average commercial kitchen, service maintenance will vary from monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly, etc.; as a rule it is imperative to make sure that the grease trap or interceptor does not exceed 25% FOGS content.

25% Rule

Grease traps and interceptors are most functional when it has 25% or below worth of fats, oils, grease and solids. Once it exceeds that amount the unit will start to release more FOGS waste out of the device which makes it less functional. Many cities will require establishments to empty the equipment once it reaches this level to prevent any sewer contamination. Going over the 25% content will increase the amount of grease and solid waste being released in which defeats the purpose of having the device. Furthermore, exceeding the suggested content level will highly increase the amount of waste being released as well as the chances of drain clogs, sewer blockage and/or overflows.

Small indoor grease trap suggested scheduled maintenance:

Grease traps located inside the kitchens tend to be small with an average size ranging from 5-50 gallons. Due to its small size, most inside grease traps are typically serviced on a monthly basis to prevent any drain stoppage or overflows.

Outside underground grease interceptor suggested service increments:

The majority grease interceptors located outside the parking lots are significantly larger than inside grease traps. Due to its large size, these devices are usually buried under the ground varying in sizes such as: 750, 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000, etc.. Although these devices are more costly to install and service, the benefit is that interceptors require less pumping and are less likely to back up if it’s serviced regularly. On average, grease interceptors for majority of restaurants are serviced on a 3-6 month time period.

Still Having Issues With Your Grease Trap or Interceptor?

Restoring Drainage Back To Its Originial Condition With Hydro Jet Plumbing.

If you have recently pumped out your grease trap or interceptor and still experiencing leakage, overflows or drain problems, it may be time to have your lines cleaned with a hydro jet machines. Hydro jet plumbing is the procedure by which sewer and drainagepipes are cleared by jet overflows of water discharged from a hose to a great degree high pressure. Using up to 3,500 PSI of pressure combined with water flow of up to 15 gallons per minute, this plumbing service will clear the most stubborn build up residing inside your pipes. Learn More...

Indoor Grease Trap Repair (Leaking From The Sides and / or bottom)

If you have an above ground indoor grease trap in the kitchen that is leaking from the sides or bottom, it is most likely time to replace it. Over time metal or aluminum grease trap will corrode due to the amount of high acid content liquids passing through the grease trap. Attempting to fix the leak with silicone or other sealer can work temporarily but will eventually wear off within days. When replacing a grease trap, we highly suggest to use thermo plastic so that it does not corrode just like the metal or aluminum traps. If possible, stay away from costly mechanical grease gravity device to avoid any hassles of costly repairs in the future. For more information about replacement or to purchase a grease trap please click on the link - Grease Trap Sales | Grease Trap Installation.

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As a company we take great pride on delivering the best quality grease trap and interceptor cleaning service. Our experts understands and are fully knowledgeable about the subject matter and is committed to doing the job the way it should be done. Contact our experts today and see why we are the leading choice when it comes to servicing commercial kitchens grease trap, interceptor and plumbing services.

Grease Trap & Interceptor Pumping Cost

Since grease traps and interceptors can vary in sizes, the cost to pump out a grease trap or interceptor will vary. Since most pumping service prices are based on a total amount of gallons, it is imperative for us to know the size of the device to provide a general price range. In most cases, we are able to provide prices if you can provide us with a photograph of the unit. Please note that have been neglected or have a substantial amount of FOGS waste may be subject to extra charges.


Ways To Reduce FOGS Waste Entering The Trap Or Interceptor

One of the main causes of heavy grease and solid waste build up from commercial kitchen are due to negligence. In other words, it is always best that before washing any dishes, pans, pots and utensils to ensure that all waste is thrown in trash as well as the debris are scraped off. If possible, be try to wipe off greasy residue from cooking pans or commercial griddle so that it does not go into the drains. Furthermore, always make sure that all drains or sinks have a proper strainer to minimize the amount of solid waste entering the device. By implementing a proper waste disposal process, it can reduce the amount of Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids entering the grease trap device.

Why Install A Grease Trap - Interceptor Separator?

If you have been in the restaurant or other food servicing industry, you have seen the amount of fats, oils, grease and solids waste that a commercial kitchen can produce. For this reason, restaurants are obligated to install a gravity device that will trap most of the grease and solid food waste preventing them from entering the city sanitation line.

Due to costly sanitation overflows and sewer blockage, the city implemented a FOGS program making it mandatory for food servicing establishments to install a device that will recude the amount of fats, oils, grease and solids entering the city sanitary system. By making it mandatory for restaurants and other food servicing companies to have a grease trap or interceptor it will significantly reduce the amount of FOGS waste entering the city sanitation line.

Grease Traps and Interceptor 101

How Fats, Oils, Grease, & Solids Gravity Device Work

This instrument works like a collector, as well as separator. It slows down the flow of water together with grease, fats, and oil through the drain. Then the grease trap allows the grease and similar waste to coagulate and float. By this process, the trap has separated the grease on upper level and solid waste at the bottom. Meanwhile, the waste water gravity settles the grease and solids and once it separates the FOGS the filtered water is then released into the city sewer system.

Although, the grease trap or interceptor may not fully stop FOGS waste from entering the city sanitation line; it drastically reduces the amount of FOGS wasted entering the city line by nearly 80% when it is below the 25% FOGS level. Thefore, it is also highly recommended for the main grease lines to be hydro jetted on a timely manner to prevent blockage or grease overflows.

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All FOGS Waste Collected Are Recycled and / or Properly Disposed In Accordance To All Regulations Set By The City, County and State. Stay In Compliance With Grease Management Solutions and Our Partners.

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Grease Trap & Interceptor Installation

To protect the city sanitation line from clogging or overflows, it is now mandatory for Restaurants and other FSE’s (food servicing establishments) to install a proper FOGS separator device. In order to determine the type of device needed, the waste water or city inspector will appoint and provide the business the proper device necessary for the establishment. Therefore, before installing a new grease trap or an interceptor it important to contact city to know their requirements. Failing to properly put in the proper device can lead to a very costly mistake.

Whether you are looking to replace or install a new grease trap or interceptor, we have the experts to help you. Our plumbing specialist understands and know the proper way of installing a these devices to make certain that you will not have any plumbing complications in the future. When installing a grease trap or interceptor that the plumbing contractor is aware of the following:

  • Placement Location
  • Gallons Per Minute Requirement
  • Odor Vent Plamcent
  • Pipe Slope and Grade
  • Pit / Sump Reqirement (if necessary)
  • Sample Box
  • Permits
  • and Much More...

If you are in search of a grease trap or grease interceptor plumbing professional that can deliver quality work at competitive price points, we are the company for you. Call us today for immediate assistance at 888-696-9906.

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