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Prevent Backups & Overflows

A grease trap is a device that is required by many cities to control the amount of fats, oils, grease and solids (FOGS) entering the city sanitation line. This gravity device is required to by to city and health department to be serviced by a licensed inedible kitchen grease waste hauler. When serving a grease trap, it is imperative that all content of the device is fully removed, hauled and disposed properly by a licensed IKG hauling company. Failing service this device can lead to line backups the in kitchen drains and / or overflows.

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Why install a grease trap?

In the past when having a grease trap was not required, FOGS that was entering the city sanitary line was causing major blockage affecting sewer to overflow and back up. Therefore, the city and waste water sanitation district enforced a law requiring all FSE’s (Food Servicing Establishments) to install a device that will trap to reduce the amount FOGS waste entering the sanitation line.

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a gravity device that separates the fats, oils, grease, and solids (FOGS) preventing them from entering the city sanitary sewer lines. With the use of water and gravity, it separates grease and solid waste from kitchen. When waste water from the kitchen drains enters the trap, the grease settles on the top, solids in the bottom and waste water in the middle acting as a separator.

How often should a grease trap be cleaned?

On average most grease traps are serviced between 2-8 weeks especially when they are below 50 gallons. The general rule is once the grease trap reaches 25%-30% grease and solids combined, the grease trap will need to be cleaned. Going over these percentages will cause the grease trap to start releasing more unwanted FOGS waste making the device ineffective. In other words, grease traps are not supposed to be completely filled up with grease and solids before it is serviced.

Pumping and Cleaning Service

Grease Management is a full service grease company specializing in hauling and removing grease from restaurants and other food servicing companies. Our cleaning service will consist of complete waste pumping and scraping of the accessible walls inside the grease trap. Included with the service are:

  • Removal of fats, oils, grease, waste water, and solids
  • Visual inspection of inlet and outlet baffles
  • Scraping of accessible inner walls
  • Hauling of all waste collected
  • Complete manifest report
  • Keeping your grease trap clean and your establishment in compliant with the city and health regulations our job. Our team of haulers are fully licensed by the CDFA to remove, haul and dispose grease trap waste content. Call us today to get a quote or schedule service at 888-696-9906..

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