Buena Park Grease Trap Cleaning Service

If you operate a food servicing establishment in the city of Buena Park, California; it is best to know and understand what is necessary to stay in compliant with all implemented Best Management Practices (BMP) to prevent costly issues.

Both grease traps and grease interceptors are mandated to be pumped and cleaned regularly to prevent sewer contamination. Per city of Buena Park regulations, small traps inside the kitchen are to be service monthly and outdoor interceptors quarterly or when it reaches 25% FOGS content.

Excessive FOGS in these devices will cause it to be inefficient and ineffective in which why it is mandatory for all its content to be pumped and removed.

After pumping the waste must be taken to an approved treatement plant for disposal. Companies that clean and remove the waste must be licensed and able to provide proper manifest to ensure that the waste is disposed properly.

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